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About TrendySkills

The need for professional software engineers to have a portfolio of knowledge that corresponds as closely as possible to the needs of the labor market is the biggest nowadays than ever. For this reason it is important for the professional to know the requirements of the employers as both as the trends created in regard to required skills and knowledge in new technologies.

TrendySkills is a website that hopefully wants to become a quantitative representation about trends that job employers seek in the IT industry.

It has started at 2012 as a part of a BSc thesis project from Informatics & Communications student Vassilis Barzokas with supervision from Dr. Nicholaos Petalidis which had subject “Data mining on labor market of IT sector” and in general is an application which:

Currently the data is being daily extracted from major job advertisement websites (eg and similar) for the countries of USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Ireland, Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, Belgium, Finland, India and Greece. You can search for each individual country separately or as a whole. We will hopefully add more websites to broaden the range and the variety of data gathered.

You can explore the actual jobs and the data extracted from them through our job search tool.

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